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[INFO] FNC's Explanation About 2011 BLUESTORM Jakarta Cancelled Concert

Seperti yang kita ketahui, beberapa waktu lalu kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa pertanyaan dari BOICE Indonesia perihal batalnya konser BLUESTORM Jakarta 2011. Berikut Merupakan tanggapan Official FNC Yang kami terima tertanggal 10 Desember 2012.

 As We Know, we’ve been gathering questions from Indonesian BOICE reagarding  the BLUESTORM  Jakarta 2011 Cancelled concert. Below FNC’s official answer that we got by December, 10th 2012

 Dear Indonesia BOICE fans,
First of all, we apologize for the cancellation of ‘2011 CNBLUE BLUESTORM in JAKARTA.
 We would like to firmly state that the reason for making this official announcement is to stop all kinds of rumors caused by cancellation of “2011 CNBLUE BLUESTORM in JAKARTA”. We have been monitoring the situations in Indonesia regarding CNBLUE concert, and we have found out that there is too much misunderstanding among fans and enough lies over this cancellation.
 From the beginning, there were a number of conflicts between local promoter (local organizer) and us. About a month prior to the show, Korean agency and a production team traveled to Indonesia for venue inspection (Gandaria city) and found out that venue was not properly facilitated for a band to perform, and there was construction going on at many different places of the venue. Due to this terrible situation, the inspection team considered canceling the show right away. However, we wanted to solve this problem with our local partner since we couldn’t let Indonesian fans down. The final decision was changing the venue to another place to make the concert happen.
 When our concert team went to Indonesia a week before the show for concert preparation work, the team witnessed even a minimal preparation was not done for the artists and also the show fee written in the contract was not paid to us.
 In addition, we requested our local promoter to lower down the ticket price since it was higher compared to other artists performing in Indonesia. Eventually they had agreed to the request and promised us to lower down the price but after monitoring local communities we realized that tickets were still on sale with the same price.
 Therefore, the true reason of the cancellation of CNBLUE concert is not because of not fulfilling the minimum attendance but it had to do with the promoter who had not fulfilled their duty and responsibility according to the contract.
 Despite this fact we still hear many claims from Indonesian BOICE fans regarding 80% quota. We believe this is because local promoter keeps telling the fans fake stories to lay the responsibility on our shoulders.
 Until now, in every show, we have only received show fee which was discussed with our local partners in advance. In other words, we have nothing to do with the profits occurred from concerts except our fixed show fee, and all the money made from ticket sales go straight to local promoter’s side. That’s the reason why local promoter should be taking all the responsibility for ticket refund.
 After the cancellation, we tried in every way to gather news from Indonesia and how bad our fans are treated in regards to ticket refund and so on. We believed the local promoter would at least complete their duty by refunding tickets, however, they have caused us and our fans pain again by avoiding their responsibility. Hence, we have decided to state our official stance since we couldn’t just simply watch our fans struggling alone.
 As mentioned before, we have never gone against the contractual provisions, and we are not responsible for any kind of compensation. But also we do believe that in any situation we should not let down our fans who always have supported CNBLUE with all their hearts.
 There are no particular plans made with CNBLUE Indonesia concert till now. But, on our next visit, we will consider and try in various ways to give benefits to the fans who suffered from the last concert cancellation.
 This cancellation not only deeply hurt our fans, but also CNBLUE and FNC families. We are very grateful for our Indonesian BOICE fans who support us all the time even in this bad situation. We do promise our fans that we will be more cautious in choosing local partner for our next concert and never repeat this incident again.
Once again, we deeply apologize for the cancellation of the show.

 Thank you

 Below is the Original Letters Fron FNC Entertainment :

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