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@CNBLUE_4 여러분~! 제 생일을 맞아서 저의 작은 미니어처와 함께 사진찍었어요ㅋㅋ 넝쿨당 첫등장 의상, 포즈와 똑같은 모습이에요ㅋㅋ
이 외에도 축하해준 모든분들께 감사드리고 팬여러분 씨엔블루 가족 내친구들 모두 사랑해요 베이징 공연장에서 봐요!

TRANS: Everyone~! It's my birthday and now I took a photo with my miniatureㅋㅋ It's from my first appearance in MHGF, the costume and pose look really the sameㅋㅋ
Here I would like to thank everyone who wished me; our fans, CNBLUE, my family, my friends.. Love you all. See you at Beijing's concert!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[PHOTO] CNBLUE Special Photo From Blue Moon Manila

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[TWITTER|TRANS] CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk, The Summer Is Hot

여러분 안녕하세요 전 더위를 이겨내며 잘 살아있습니다 앞으로더 더워질 여름에 삼계탕 추어탕 사드리고싶은 마음은 굴뚝같지마안! 제가 사드릴 수 없기 때문에..오늘밤 주변사람들과 함께 몸보신하고주무세요~!

Hello everyone. I live well and getting over heat (by the hot summer). Summer will  getting hot and hotter, so I really would like to buy you  Samgyetang soup and Chueotang soup! But because I can’t buy.. I’ll stretch with people around me tonight and go to sleep~!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013


25 years ago maybe it just the ordinary day as the day before but that day, at one of Seoul Hospital there was born a baby boy,  a cute baby boy that born exactly on 1989, June 22nd under the Jung’s family. Time goes by and the baby grown up year by year.

The baby may ordinary but he blessed by a great blessing as the Lord seemingly pour him abundantly.

Yes he is, the cute baby we know today as our great CNBLUE’s Emotional Leader, CNBLUE’s dancing king, the black dragon, a reliable eldest brother, and the most recently he had announced that his name is Dragon Flower, well yeah, he is the one and only the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist JUNG YONGHWA.

The day, June 22nd now is no longer an ordinary day since today, Boice all around the world will gather together to celebrate a one very special day.

So here we are now, as a little piece of tremendous Boice out there. We would like to share a bit our thought toward the Leader.

Dear Jung Yonghwa
Today you have grown a year elder
It is something precious yet scary at the same time
As you have said,
The more you grown up, the more you have responsibility over your life
So today we are, Boice would like to asked you
To stay happy as happy as the Simpson
Stay fun, as you have always shown through your music and stage performance
Stay rock, as you always do through the song you have composed

Stay strong, as you have always sang that you will always try again and smile again
We are all know people will face up and down

And so you are,
But please do not hide it from us
Because Boice will go along with you no matter what
In our fond wish that CNBLUE will last forever
As you have always dream for
May in the special day today
You can take step ahead to fulfill your dream
Very last but not least,




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Happy Birthday Jung Yonghwa!
Thank you for being born on this day 25 years ago..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[TWITTER|TRANS] CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa, the Bright Guy Even at the Airport!!!

공항에서도 역시 빛나는 남자 정용화!!!
At the airport, he’s also bright man, Jung Yonghwa!!!
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[NEWS|INFO] CNBLUE 6TH Japanese Single "Lady" Preview

  • [First Limited A] ¥2,520 (in tax)

1. Lady
2. Don’t care
3. Monday
4. Don’t care (Inst)

1. “Blind Love” release event @ Nikkei hall 2013/4/27 (Live image: “Where you are” “I’m sorry” “Kimio” “Time is over” “In my head” “Blind Love”)
2. “Lady” MV
3. “Lady” special feature

  • [First Limited B] ¥2,100 (in tax)

1. Lady
2. Don’t care
3. Monday
4. Monday (Inst.)
Mezamashi Live @ Odaiba gasshukoku my beat studium 2012/8/28 (Live image: “Come on” “Let’s go crazy” “One time” “Time is over” “In my head”)

  • [Normal ver] ¥1,260 (in tax)

1. Lady
2. Don’t care
3. Monday
4. Lady (Inst)

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[TWITTER|TRANS] CNBLUE Lee Jungshin, Please Support 'Shiwoo'

정신입니다~씨엔블루 월드투어가 행복하게 진행되고있습니다~이번에 처음갔던 필리핀에서도 우리 씨엔블루를 너무 환영해주시고 콘서트도 멋지게 잘끝나서 기분이 너무좋습니다 마지막 투어까지 웃으며 끝났으면 좋겠네요! 또! 소식들으셨나요? 제가 두번째 작품을 촬영중입니다 KBS드라마 “천명”의 후속으로 방영될 “칼과꽃”에서 “시우”라는 역할을 맡게됐습니다. 많은관심부탁드려요! 그리구 날씨가 더워지고 장마도 시작됐으니! 여러분 건강관리잘하시고 미끄러운길 조심하시기바랍니다 방금 뒤통수 깨질뻔했걸랑요 호호 씨엔블루의 활동도 연기활동도 둘다 놓치지않고 열심히하고있으니 많은 응원부탁드립니다 마지막으로

I’m Jungshin~ CNBLUE World tour is happily being going on~ In Philippine which we visited for the first time, people gave us a warm welcome and concert ended greatly and well, so I’m feeling good. I hope we would ended final tour with smile! Also! Have you heard the news? I’m shooting my 2nd project. I’m  act as “Shiwoo” in “Blade and Petal” that will be broadcasted after “Destiny” at KBS drama. Please give your many interests! And weather becomes hot and rainy season has started! so everyone please keep good physical condition and be carefull with slippery road. Just now, my back of the head got out of shape, hoho I’m working hard both of CNBLUE’s activity and acting, so please support! Lastly, I show you a photo of “Shiwoo”!
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Monday, June 17, 2013


@CNBLUE_4 안녕하세요 용화예요! 알럽 필리핀 알럽 필리핀 알럽필리핀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 감사합니다 생일축하도 해주시고 잊지 못할 밤이었습니다! 뜨거운 함성 가지고 돌아가겠습니다! 알럽 필리핀!!! x 100000000000000000000

TRANS: Hello, I'm Yonghwa! I love Philippine I love Philippine I love Philippine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the Birthday support, it's an unforgettable night! I'll go have a big shout! I Love Philippine!!! x 100000000000000000000

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