Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] Jungshin was Arm-wrestling With His Nephew on Thanksgiving day

하이 정신입니다 다들 즐가위보내고계신가요? 전 삼촌소리들으면서 가족들과 시간을 보내고있답니다 어제 낮에 조카들이랑 놀이터에서 놀아주는데 뭐이리땀이뻘뻘나던지 저보다 체력이좋더랍니다...ㅋㅋ 팔씨름 져주면 금메달이라도 딴것처럼 포효를 하는 우리귀요미들 여러분들도 가족들과 좋은시간보내시고~ 그렇지못한분들은 가족들과 따뜻한말로 안부라도 주고받으시길! 촬영하느라 바쁜 용화형,민혁이도 화이팅 종현이형도! 송편머겅 두번머겅 세번머겅!

[Trans] Hi, I'm Jungshin. Does Everyone have good midautumn harvest festival? I'm spending time with my family, being called an ”uncle”. I was playing with my nephew at a park yesterday, though, why I was so sweaty... He has lots of energy than me. kkk. I lost on purpose in arm-wrestling, what a pretty my nephew who let out a whoop of triumph like took a gold medal. Please everyone take a good time with your family~. If you can't to do that, please make a contact with warmest remarks to your family. Yonghwa-hyeong, Minyuk, drama shooting fighting!! Jonghyun-hyeong too! Let eat rice cake~! Let eat it twice~! and thrice~!!

Source @CNBLUE_4
Translate by @2kou2kei2

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