Friday, May 10, 2013


Rough Trans:

~the exercise which you can make a beautiful face soon~

1. How to make  good complexion.
Silk: Pull your ears up,   in to 45 degree angle
Drew your fingers from ears immediately after 10sec
(Meanwhile, Yonghwa and Jungshin pulled up Minhyuk’s ears!!)
MC: Do you become warm(your face) Minhyuk san?
MH: It’s hot!!
Silk: Recently, some of men have high consciousness about beauty, they seem determined to keep young and beautiful the same as women do.
MC: CNBLUE are in amazement..
CNBLUE: (they seemed not to understand her speaking).
Silk: I’m comedian and beauty adviser!
CNBLUE: ahh~~(they are seem understand now).

2. How to remove lusterless eyes.
Silk: Push the corner of your eyes and move the iris  crosswise.

3. How to reduce laugh line’s visibility.
(CNBLUE are become noisy and look at Jungshin)
MC: who is already cares about this matter in CNBLUE?
CNBLUE: (They are all pointed out to Jungshin).
Silk: Open your mouth roundly  like The Scream and hold it awhile.

4. How to make beautiful lips.
Silk: Hold a pencil in your mouth and move your lip back and forth. Next up, roll a pencil on your lips.
Ddate: Yonghwa san is rapid!!!
MC: Do you have anything to ask her about beauty?
JH: I think it’s too late..I can’t understand (her speaking)because you speak too fast!!

*I’m sorry we don’t do subbed so I think this rough translation will do, and the trans only for CNBLUE’s talk  part. Enjoy this funny video.*
Video credit burningnatsu
Rough Trans by Satsuki @cnboice
Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @indonesian boice

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